Software design for PC & microcontroller, bios, driver, FPGA

we evaluate how to improve your electronic products

We use effective tools for effective design

Modern development system, CAD, in-system debugging devices

User interfaces and custom GUI with graphic and alphanumeric displays

Hardware design, PCB design, prototypes debugging

Technology & Creativity

From the problem to the solution

Analysis, specifications, hardware design & software, prototype assembling and debugging, a single path with a single interlocutor, all with certain times and defined costs.

BIOS & Low Level Firmware

Do you need to integrate any new peripherals or protocols into your project? the experience gained allows us to quickly supply a complete support: CAN, USB, RS485, RS232, I2C, SPI, DAC, ADC, ecc.


Do you want to equip your device with a new communication or interconnection channel? LAN, Ethernet, Bluetooth, ecc.